ILS Markets

Insurance Linked Securities and Collateralised Reinsurance

Steadfast Re have been structuring and executing collateralised reinsurance on a full indemnity basis since 2004. That is over ten years of ‘hands on’ ILS experience. As the graph below shows, we have closed over USD $4 billion of collateralised reinsurance, generating in excess of 1 billion in reinsurance premiums and paid over USD $550m in claims.

Working with ILS funds we have been successfully collecting claims on behalf of our clients since 2004.

We have built our unique offering by working very closely with markets in London, Chicago, New York, Bermuda, Zurich and Singapore. We regularly visit London, Zurich and Bermuda. We have always taken our clients’ transactions directly to our markets. They know us well and understand our models and our structuring approach.

Transformers, Trust funds and Fronting arrangements

Over ten years of experience enables us to execute with ILS transformers quickly and efficiently. We ensure our clients work with trustees to get comfortable with the trust fund manager. We have worked with Fronting reinsurers for many years.

The ILS funds have in the last ten years changed the face of reinsurance market to become an integral part of client’s reinsurance asset base, we have been at the heart of this change by delivering high value collateralised reinsurance products to satisfy our clients’ needs.